Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEW CAMERA + Social Security + Guitar Strings + Mia&Michi

Today was a busy but interesting day. I ordered a camera on Amazon and I got it today in a mail! Lumix FH20! It's used but it looked like brand new. I am thankful for it.

After finishing my GNED test today at 1.30pm, and after getting the documents needed for my application for a Social Security Number (SSN), I went to the social security office in Timberlake. Thanks to Miho, I did not need to take several bus trips and walk there myself! While I was there several problems came up with it and there will be a delay for my SSN, but other than that it should be fine.

After that I went to Lynchburg music center to buy some guitar strings.
(bought in a bulk of 10 sets of acoustic guitar strings-EXPENSIVE!)

After that Miho brought me along to buy some stuff for the precious little girls (Mia and Michi). Below is a short video of mia and michi:

P/S: Please pray for my instructor, Paul Randlatt and his family, his dad went home to heaven last week and the family definitely appreciate your prayer and support!

More updates and stories to come!

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